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Pre Wedding Photoshoot & Videoshoot Places Recommendation in Malaysia

Beyond the confinement of the two hearts tied together, a well-taken photo can say a million things about a couple that words cannot express. Getting the best photos that will definitely go down in your love story requires careful selection of pre wedding photoshoot and videoshoot locations. Many people always think the best photos and videos of couples that tell their love story can only be taken in Paris, Japan, Hawaii among other destinations to the point of forgetting breath taking pre-wedding photoshoot and videoshoot locations in Malaysia. In fact many couples who have had their pre wedding photoshoot and videoshoot in Malaysia always recall that such decisions were the best and have never regretted missing the “big’ destinations that overshadow the beautiful and breath-taking places in Malaysia.

Achieving a memorable shoot be it pre wedding photo or video shoot in Malaysia requires only two things, good selection of destination and enlisting the services of a firm offering the best pre wedding photography services. The skills of the camera person and the beauty of the place is more than enough to summarize a love story before the D-day when it becomes official. The following are some of the most preferred pre wedding photoshoot and videoshoot locations by thousands of couples in Malaysia.

1. Andaman Resort, Pulau Langkawi

Andaman resort is situated 35Km from Langkawi international airport. It is sandwiched between the Turquoise Andaman Sea and the popular Cincang Mountain which give a perfect view of the nearby tropical rain forest. The Malaysian themed décor ushers you to different available suites together with complementary services inclusive of a four-minute drive to one of the most amazing golf courses, the Els Club Teluk Datai. The sea background is ideal for a morning shootout and also evening shoot that captures the striking sun rays just to mention a few.

2. Ipoh, Perak

Situated in Perak, Ipoh is definitely one of the largest cities in this state with more than eye feasting sites. The city has beautiful landscapes that introduce you to natural caves, cliffs and ancient forests that meet your pre wedding photography needs be it swimming, hiking or rafting the city beautiful sceneries will offer unique photoshoot and videoshoot moment that will succinctly narrate your untold love stories when the dust settles.

3. Penang

With a thought of island scenery, Penang has plenty of wonderful sites that will surely complete and complement your pre wedding photography needs. Beginning with the Penang hill which rises approximately over 820 meters above sea level, you get the spectacular view of the entire island. There is also Kek Lok Si Temple situated in small town of Air Itam. The temple stands on the top of the hill which unveils the Pagoda of 1000 Buddhas incorporated in a combined complex of Chinese, Thai and Burmese Kind of structures. Additionally, the temple houses the four statues of Heavenly kings guarding each of the compass direction. Other places that will certainly spark life in photos and videos in Penang include the Adventure Zone Theme Park in Batu Ferringhi, Escape Adventure land in Teluk Bahang, Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion in Leith Street and Penang war Museum in Bukit Maung among others.


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